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Courses and Workshops
Connecting the Dots Between Business and Design

The Center for Advanced Design Studies
offers courses and workshops for leaders, teams, designers, and entrepreneurs who desire a deep understanding and solid foundation in design and personal growth in the context of creating value.


CfADS educational offerings in design and innovation have been taught in top-rated design schools and professional education and enrichment venues around the world.

Pricing and availability will vary depending on location and scheduling.

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Designing for Value Creation

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Every business decision is a design decision, and every design decision is a business decision.
Learn to leverage customer value chain analysis together with easy to implement interaction mechanics, and bring value to your customers' entire organizations.

Through mastering the principles and practices in this course, you will connect the dots between business and design, and create winning products and services.

Journey to MVP

The Journey to MVP is designed for entrepreneurs, advisors, and investors engaged in early-stage start ups. Reduce risk and increase your chances of success by engaging your customers to create products and services that they will want and want to buy. 

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Designing for Deep
User Engagement

Products and services that provide compelling user experience stand out from the crowded landscape awash with products and services.

Learn frameworks and techniques that will create greater engagement with your customers.

Learning from Bach

To this day, JS Bach remains the master of invention. 
Learn Bach's compositional techniques and apply them to designing compelling customer experiences, motion graphics, layouts and products.

This course is a tour de force how to bring poetry and beauty to your work.

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Your Endeavour as a Work of Art

Learn and practice the principles that artists enlist to create rich moments and perspectives that open eyes, ears, hands, hearts, and minds to new ways of experiencing life and creating meaning.

This course is designed for those who want to bring greater engagement, new insights, and depth to their endeavours.

Human-Centred Systems Design

Human-Centred System Design introduces participants to the principles of systems design in the the context of human-centred design.

Learn how to analyse and intervene in systems to create incremental, mid-level, and radical change.

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High-Performance Design Teams 

Put your team into high-gear through learning scientifically-based theory and practice that characterize high-performance design teams.
Based on over 20 years of research at Stanford University's Center for Design Research, this course is designed for coaches and teams looking to improve team dynamics and outcomes.

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Evolving Vision

Evolving Vision provides the tools and frameworks for participants to create and practice their unique strategic vision of their creative and entrepreneurial lives.

This course is designed for people looking to create deeper meaning in their professional lives.

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